Common Questions

"Does membership in the NJHS automatically qualify me for membership in the NHS?"

No. For all intents and purposes, the NJHS is an independent organization whose membership requirements are less-stringent than those of the NHS.


"Can I join NHS during my junior year?"

You would submit an interest packet (which can be found in the main office) during the spring semester of your junior year. However, active membership does not apply until your senior year, should you be extended an invitation to join the chapter.


"What details are most important to the faculty council when considering a candidate?"

The council looks for evidence of ALL FOUR pillars (leadership, scholarship, service, and character) in a candidate's interest packet/application. Grade-point-average alone will NOT secure membership.


"Can I apply/reapply for NHS during my senior year?"

Yes. The fall induction period will be open from early September through late September/early October. Information can be obtained from the main office or room 314.


"What is expected of NHS members?"

They are expected to continue to demonstrate the four pillars. They are expected to participate in at least 20 hours worth of NHS-sponsored service projects throughout the school year. They are expected to attend every chapter meeting and service project for which they volunteer (or are assigned).