Congratulations to our STORM Winners!

storm winner

As part of the School Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports initiative at the Senior High, students are being recognized and rewarded for their great STORM behavior. (STORM = Safe, Tuff, Ownership, Respect, Motivation.)

Keep up the great work, Senior High Students! 

January 22

Congratulations to our $10.00 Gift Card winners Tate Swanson, Jillian Clark, Willow Munn, Camden Rockcastle, Dylan McCormick, Emily Porneluzi, Madison Weiland, Savannah Briggs, and Alexander Grey.

January 8

Congratulations STORM Winners!   Sara Idso won a $10.00 Amazon Gift Card for showing her STORM PRIDE!   Congratulations to STORM winners:  Rachael Pennington, Kendall Froilan, Megan Penrod, Emily Lunn, Violet Cogley, Colin Patterson, Luca Fusca, Aleah Bednarz, Jesse Holmes, Kendell Atkinson, Ivy Leinenbach, Kamala Shadd, Aaron Marie, Andrea Jones, Jordan Davis, Ryan Wick, Emily Makepeace, Samantha Cornell, Claire Nebel, Ethan Peffer, Zoe Niebauer, Katara Krebs, Payton Slagle, and Halee Gilson.  They won a free taco from Taco Bell!  Keep up the great work!

December 11

Congratulations to STORM Winner Dakota Bergbigler.  Dakota won a $10.00 Subway gift card.  Congratulations to Christian DePolo, Justine Zuchowski, Alexandra Ehrman, Kamren Mahood, Daelin Gerow, Tori Stevenson, Alissa Myers, Stefani Hartman, Victoria Nebel, Hope Myers, Maya Davenport-Ray, Mikayla Wabe, Emilie Neff, Kaden Monteleone, and Sydney Spack. Thank you to Taco Bell for sponsoring these STORM Winners!

December 7

Congratulations to Tracy Waltman for winning a $15.00 gift card for supporting the PBIS RADA fundraiser!  If you place an online order, you will be entered in the next $15.00 drawing!

December 7

Congratulations to our STORM winner Trynity Burr won a $10.00 Subway Gift Card for showing her STORM pride!  Michael Bello, Kai Walborn, Jennie Cianchetti, Hope Myers, Michael Kreinbucher, Autumn Gall, Savannah Briggs, Hannah Mechling, and Chamberlain Allman won a free cookie to Subway.

November 24

Congratulations to STORM winner Jocelyn Ogorchock!  Jocelyn won an Echo Dot for her positive choices and behavior in school! 

September 14

Congratulations Larry Hunter for being a STORM winner! Larry won a $10.00 gift card to Amazon!  Keep up the great work!

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