Happy Veterans Day

Veterans Day

Dear Butler Area School District Community,

So many celebrations, events and remembrances have been altered by COVID this year.  Many of which we pass by and hope for more normalcy next year. Today, on Veterans Day, it is hard to just move on.

Veterans Day is a unique and special national holiday that allows us to pay respect to those who have served, those who are serving and those who have given their lives for our freedom.

Every Veterans Day, Butler has a wonderful parade to honor veterans.  Unfortunately, there is no parade today.  We can’t recreate the parade, but I would like to share some patriotic music performed by the Butler Golden Tornado Marching Band.

Butler Golden Tornado Marching Band -- Armed Forces

Butler Golden Tornado Marching Band -- Battle Hymn 

If you know veteran, please reach out and thank them on behalf of all of us.

With gratitude to all veterans,

Brian White, Jr., Ed.D.
Butler Area School District

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