Health Screenings for Cyber Learning Program and Homeschool Students

School Health Law

Pennsylvania School Health Law  

Listed below are the state mandated health screenings for all Pennsylvania students.  These screenings are provided during the school day by our school nurses.  If your child is enrolled in the BASD Cyber Learning Program or they are homeschooled, they are still entitled to these screenings. You may contact your building nurse to make arrangements to bring your child into the school.  You may also choose to decline these services.

Hearing Screening: Grades K-3, 7, 11
Vision Screening: Grades K-12

Growth Screening: Grades K-12

Height and weight measurement is used to calculate Body Mass Index-(BMI)-for-Age percentile. The BMI-for-Age percentile is used as a guideline to help assess whether an individual may be overweight or underweight. This information will be available on the portal after all screenings in the district are completed.
BMI should be considered a screening tool only. The child's health care provider is the best person to evaluate whether or not the measurements are within a healthy range.


School Nurse Information:

Center Avenue   Michele Smith 724-214-3965
Center Township  Lynn Zidek 724-214-3806
Connoquenessing Ashley Casey 724-214-4043
Emily Brittain Tracy Futscher 724-214-4204
McQuistion Michele Harold 724-214-3903
Northwest Kathryn Marik 724-214-4104
Summit  Tracy Futscher 724-214-3883
Middle School Janet Crouse 724-214-3620
Intermediate High Kimberly Halter 724-214-3430
Senior High Judith Zarnick 724-214-3227

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