Regular School Hours

The Alternative Education Program begins at 7:40 am and dismisses at 2:30 pm.


The Emotional Support Program begins at 9:00 am and dismisses at 3:30 pm.


Students may enter school as early as 7:40 AM for Alternative Education and 8:40 AM for Emotional Support.


Breakfast is served in the cafeteria from 7:40 - 8:00 AM for Alternative Education and 8:40-9:00 AM for Emotional Support.


Students may not enter the building before 7:40 AM for Alternative Education and 8:40 AM Emotional Support. Parents are advised not to send their children to school too early.


Students may enter from either the Lincoln Avenue door (Door #2) or the office door (Door #1) in the morning.  After 10:15 am, all students and visitors must enter through the office door.


Parents are encouraged to park in the school parking lot, which is on Short Street above the Arbors parking lot. Please do not park in the private lots near the school (Arbors or Martin Funeral Home).