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Secondary Scheduling Open House Feb 3, 2020 scheduling open house

Scheduling Open House
Intermediate High School
Monday, March 2, 2020
6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
For incoming grades 7–12 (Butler Intermediate High School and Butler Senior High School)

Shuttle service will be provided from the lower Senior High & administrative parking lots from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

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Helping Hands Club Feb 14, 2020 Helping Hands

A group of students started a new club at Butler Middle School called Helping Hands. They complete community service projects and help spread kindness around the school.

For their most recent project, the students made Valentine's Day cards and Get Well Soon cards for Kyree at Pittsburgh Children's Hospital.

Wishing you a speedy recovery and a healthy, happy Valentine's Day, Kyree!

School Make Up Day -- April 9 Feb 11, 2020

As you know, school was canceled due to inclement weather on Friday, February 7, 2020. This day will be made up as a traditional school day on Thursday, April 9. All students, faculty and staff should report to school on April 9. 

Should we have another school cancellation, the next scheduled make up day will be on Tuesday, April 14. 

BMS Best Buddies Donut party Feb 11, 2020 Best Buddies

Butler Middle School students recently had their first Best Buddies meeting. The students enjoyed a donut and asked each other “get to know you” questions. There are 65 members of the BMS Best Buddies Club with a total with 12 friendship matches.

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Middle School Fishery on YouTube Feb 3, 2020

The Middle School Fishery has their very own YouTube channel! You can choose between watching the LIVE Catfish Cam, the LIVE Trout Cam or a variety of other fish nursery related videos.
Subscribe to the channel and enjoy!  

Six Grade Students Study Density Feb 3, 2020 liquid columns

As part of their unit of study on density in science class, six grade students recently built density columns. They realized that liquids with different densities are immiscible and won't mix. Instead the liquids form layers based off how tightly the particles inside them are packed. The students even dropped a popcorn kernel, which was suspended in one of the liquids, and a marble, which sank to the bottom.

The Nutrition Group -- Open Interviews on Feb. 6 Jan 30, 2020 Open Interviews

The Nutrition Group is holding open interviews for food service workers on Thursday, February 6, 2020 from 12-4 pm at the Butler Senior High School Cafeteria. Part time daylight shifts on Monday-Friday are available. The rate is $9/hour. Call 724-214-3221 with any questions. 

BMS Best Buddies Kickoff Jan 14, 2020 slime

Butler Middle School is starting their own Best Buddies Chapter. Students had fun at a kickoff event where they got to make their own slime. The Best Buddies Program was originally started at the Senior High School. The goal of the program is to bring all students together and promote inclusion. 

Learn more about Best Buddies and register for the Annual Eggstravaganza>


The Top 64 Titles are Here! Jan 13, 2020 March Madness TItles

BMS March Madness is just around the corner. The top 64 titles as selected by BMS students and faculty, are here! Click to view the titles>

All titles are available in the BMS Library and most are available in the Sora app. The titles are listed in alphabetical order. The bracket will be revealed on march 2nd. Happy reading!

Butler Area School District's Football Program Jan 3, 2020

Dear Butler Area School District Community: 

Butler Area School District has a very successful athletic program. Many of our teams make the playoffs every year.   

2016-2017 -- 16 varsity teams made the  playoffs
2017-2018 -- 18 varsity teams made the playoffs (broke our school record)
2018-2019 -- 15 varsity teams made the playoffs

Over that three year span, we have had 101 athletes go on to play a sport in college.
However, our football program has not thrived. The program has had 7 coaches in 21 years and has an extremely low participation rate. I have spent time looking at data related to the program, including analyzing the game stats, comparing youth football rosters to varsity rosters and reviewing participation rates in multiple sports. I have also assessed the funding of the football program as well as conducted an economic comparison of the other schools in our section. In addition, I have had informal discussions about our football program with many people. 

Bitty and Beau Cart Dec 30, 2019 Coffee Cart

Jessica Cooper brought the Bitty and Beau Coffee Cart to the Middle School in December.  Bitty and Beau’s Coffee Cart is a franchise run by individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  

Several students from our specialized classrooms, along with their friends from STUCO and other Academic Teams, served coffee and sweets to the Middle School faculty and staff as a way to bring awareness of inclusion of special needs to our school and community. It is also a wonderful opportunity for our students to begin to experience job training skills, as well as practicing social skills. The proceeds from the sale will benefit MS’s PBIS program.  

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BMS Career Day Dec 30, 2019 BMS Career Day

Thirty Butler County Area Vocational-Technical School (BCAVTS) students came to the Middle School to talk about the 15 different programs offered at BCAVTS.  Students learned about entrepreneurship and all of the different trades.  Middle School students had the opportunity to interact with the Vo-Tech students and ask questions about each of their different programs. Thanks to the Vo-Tech students for visiting the Middle School!

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