2017-2018 Athletic Accomplishments

The Butler Athletic Department is proud to present its 2017-2018 sports summary!  We had a total of 17 varsity teams make the playoffs this school year,  which set a new school record along with an enormous amount of individual success.  

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The Fall Season
The Winter Season
The Spring Season

The Fall Season

During the Fall season, the following teams qualified for the postseason:

  • Girls Volleyball
  • Girls Soccer
  • Girls Golf
  • Girls Tennis
  • Boys Soccer
  • Boys Cross Country

In addition, the Girls Golf Team won the section championship and Boys Cross Country team finished as the WPIAL Runner Up.  

On the individual side, we had 19 athletes qualify for the WPIAL championships!

  • Hannah Folk-Golf
  • Maggie Fedzko-Golf
  • Drew Kukla-Golf
  • Teddi Isherwood-Tennis
  • Regan Sommariva-Tennis
  • Noah Bevridge-C/C
  • Brett Brady-C/C
  • Aden Dressler-C/C
  • Robert Hays-C/C
  • Camden Seybert-C/C
  • Timmy Porter-C/C
  • Doug Kostelansky-C/C
  • Autumn Pettinato-C/C
  • Maggie Welty-C/C
  • Erin Lemay-C/C
  • Emma Lemay-C/C
  • Chelsey Kabel-C/C
  • Nicole Pepmeyer-C/C
  • Carly Bauer-C/C

Two individuals qualified for the state championships!

  • Noah Beveridge-C/C
  • Brett Brady-C/C

Ten individuals made the all section team in their respective sports!

  • Liz Simms-Soccer
  • Anna Voelker-Soccer
  • Brittnie Spithaler-Soccer
  • Maria Lucas-Volleyball
  • Tate Mohney-Soccer
  • Andrew Chwalik-Soccer
  • Adam Blose-Soccer
  • Tyler Rankin-Soccer
  • Jake Kradel-Football

The standout individual performance of the fall season goes to Noah Beveridge who won a WPIAL championship and finished 2nd in the state championship!  

The Winter Season

During the winter season, the following teams qualified for the postseason:

  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Basketball
  • Competitive Cheer
  • Boys/Girls Bowling
  • Rifle

The Rifle team won the section championship, took 3rd in WPIAL championship and finished in 9th place at the state championship. The Boys Bowling team won the section championship and also qualified for state championship.  The Girls Bowling team won the section, WPIBL and Western Regional championship, and took home a 4th place in finish in the state championships.  The Competitive Cheer team took 3rd in WPIAL championship and 2nd in the state championship.  The Girls Indoor Track & Field team won the TSTCA championship and Boys Indoor Track & Field team finished as the runner up in TSTCA championship.

On the individual side, we had 25 athletes qualify for WPIAL championships!

  • Tiffany Carlson-Rifle
  • Jason Hansotte-Rifle
  • Chase Runyan-Rifle
  • Andrew Arbanas-Rifle
  • Gabe Slagle-Rifle
  • Clayton Dressler-Wrestling
  • Nate McMaster-Wrestling
  • Jack Codispot-Wrestling
  • Robert Hays-Wrestling
  • Christian Sequete-Wrestling
  • Laura Goettler-Swimming
  • David Bocci-Swimming
  • Sam Deemer-Swimming
  • Alex Deemer-Swimming
  • Zach Callithen-Swimming
  • Tanner Vietmeier-Swimming
  • Simon Diehl-Swimming
  • Ellie Weiss-Swimming
  • Emma Weiss-Swimming
  • Rachel Ledford-Swimming
  • Abbie Griffith-Swimming
  • Eve Merhaut-Swimming
  • Mike Milton-Swimming
  • Paige Williams-Diving 
  • Jon Hansotte-Diving

Twenty-three individuals qualified for the state championships!

  • Noah Beveridge-Indoor Track & Field
  • Brett Brady-Indoor Track & Field
  • Jake Wolfrum-Indoor Track & Field
  • Tim Porter-Indoor Track & Field
  • Cade Gratzmiller-Indoor Track & Field
  • Ryan Marcella-Indoor Track & Field
  • Jack Codispot-Indoor Track & Field
  • Chesna Tomko-Indoor Track & Field
  • Maggie Welty-Indoor Track & Field
  • Erin LeMay-Indoor Track & Field
  • Liz Simms-Indoor Track & Field
  • Jena Reinheimer-Indoor Track & Field
  • Gabrielle Boden-Indoor Track & Field
  • Maddie Tonini-Indoor Track & Field
  • Tiffany Carlson-Rifle
  • Christian Sequete-Wrestling
  • Ashley McCue-Bowling
  • Mercedes Belch-Bowling
  • David Bocci-Swimming
  • Laura Goettler-Swimming
  • Alex Deemer-Swimming
  • Sam Deemer-Swimming
  • Paige Williams-Swimming

Four athletes made the all section team in their respective sports!

  • Ethan Morton-Basketball
  • Luke Michalek-Basketball
  • Jenna Kunst-Basketball 
  • Alyssa Eyth-Basketball

There were several standout individual performances during the winter season. Laura Goettler won two WPIAL titles in the 200 IM and 200 Breaststroke, along with 2nd and 3rd place finishes in those events at the state championship.  Christian Sequete won a WPIAL title in the 182lb weight class, along with a 4th place finish at the state championship. In addition, there were several standout performances at the PTFCA Championship. Noah Beveridge took 2nd in the mile; Brett Brady, Jake Wolfrum, Tim Porter, Noah Beveridge were 8th in the distance medley relay; Chesna Tomko, Maggie Welty, Erin LeMay, Liz Simms were 4th in the 4x800 relay; Jena Reinheimer was 6th in the shot put; Gabrielle Boden, Maddie Tonini, Chesna Tomko, Liz Simms were 5th in the 4x200 relay and 6th in the 4x400 relay. 

The Spring Season

In the spring sports season, we had the following teams qualified for the postseason:

  • Boys/Girls Track & Field
  • Boys Lacrosse
  • Baseball
  • Boys Volleyball

The team highlights of spring season include the Girls Track team winning the WPIAL championship, Boys Track team WPIAL Runner up, and Boys Volleyball team qualifying for the state championships.  

On the individual side, we had 34 track & Field athletes qualify for WPIAL championships!

  • Gabby Boden
  • Maddie Tonini
  • Liz Simms
  • Erin Lemay
  • Maggie Welty
  • Chesna Tomko
  • Emma Stewart
  • Alison Altman
  • Alexia Mechling
  • Lucy Link
  • Jena Reinheimer
  • Paris Johnson
  • Sarayne Forbes
  • Autumn Pettinato
  • Alyssa Eyth
  • Samantha Penrod
  • Noah Beveridge
  • Ryan Marcella
  • Jake Wolfrum
  • Isaiah Seybert
  • Aden Dressler
  • Doug Kostelansky
  • Godfrey Panzarello
  • Jack Codispot
  • Brett Brady
  • Traik Tauofik
  • Andrew Kline
  • Camden Seybert
  • Rob Hays
  • Cade Gratzmiller
  • Sami Tauofik
  • Nathan Baker
  • Skyler Vavro
  • Mike Grecco

Eighteen individuals qualified for the state track championships!

  • Liz Simms
  • Jena Reinheimer
  • Maddie Tonini
  • Gabby Boden
  • Anna Baxter
  • Paris Johnson
  • Maggie Welty
  • Alison Altman
  • Chesna Tomko
  • Erin Lemay
  • Chelsey Kabel
  • Noah Beveridge
  • Jake Wolfrum
  • Jack Codispot
  • Aden Dressler
  • Doug Kostelansky
  • Brett Brady
  • Rob Hays

Five athletes made the all section team in their respective sport!

  • Connor Ollio-Baseball
  • Nic Kibbie-Baseball
  • Nash Bryan-Volleyball
  • Cody Schnur-Volleyball
  • Eliza Drohan-Lacrosse

The standout individual performances of the spring season go to several Track & Field athletes -- Jena Reinheimer (Discus) WPIAL Runner Up & 5th place state championships; Noah Beveridge (3200m run) WPIAL Champion & State Runner Up; Jack Codispot (Pole Vault) 5th place state championships; Jake Wolfrum (300m hurdles) WPIAL Runner Up & 4th place state championships; 4X400 relay (Gabby Boden, Maddie Tonini, Chesna Tomko, Liz Simms & Anna Baxter) WPIAL Runner Up & 6th place state championships; 4X800 relay (Chesna Tomko, Maggie Welty, Erin Lemay, Liz Simms) WPIAL champion & 8th place state championships; 4X800 relay (Doug Kostelansky, Rob Hays, Aden Dressler, Noah Beveridge, & Brett Brady) WPIAL Runner Up & 6th place state championships.

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