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***Refer to the coaching staff if you have any questions or concerns before, during or after the season.

Lou Liparulo Head Varsity Coach Email Coach Liparulo  
Jim Aggas JV Coach Email Coach Aggas
Ashley Trott Junior High Coach Email Ashley Trott


February                 4              Ct            4-5:30

                                5              Ct           4-5:30

                                11           Ct            4-5:30

                                12           Ct            4-5:30

                                18           Ct            4-5:30

                                19           Ct            4-5:30

                                25           Ct            4-5:30

                                26           Ct            4-5:30


When a school cancellation or an early dismissal occurs open gym is cancelled.  If you feel that it is unsafe for your attendance to open gym do not come.  Please have your rides home on time. 

See you in the gym-Coach Liparulo


  • JV/VARSITY:  MARCH 2, 2020  |  SHS GYM  |  3-5:30PM

  • JUNIOR HIGH:  MARCH 2, 2020  |  IHS GYM  |  3-5PM

Tryout information, practice schedules and other pertinent information regarding the season will be handed out at that time. 
Please refer all questions regarding your child's participation during the season to the coaching staff listed above.

B8 Volleyballb7 Volleyball


  Adult Ticket Student Ticket                 
Varsity/JV $5.00 $3.00
Junior High Free Admittance Free Admittance


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