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Teacher Application Instructions

Last Updated: 4/23/2019 2:49 PM

Dear Teaching Applicants:

Thank you for expressing your interest in a position with the Butler Area School District.

To begin the application process, please submit a letter of interest and a resume to the Human Resources Office, along with the documents below: 

  1. A completed Standard Application for Teaching Positions in Pennsylvania Public Schools (note an experience working with children outside of school such as day care, church camps, Sunday School, scouting, coaching, or other co-curricular activities, indicate the type of experience, approximate dates and other pertinent information under “other qualifications”)
  2. An official grade transcript
  3. A copy of your Pennsylvania Teaching Certificate
  4. Written letters of recommendation from educators or other individuals who can evaluate your employment potential (placement office credentials/copies of rating cards)
  5. Act 151 Child Abuse History Clearance 
  6. Act 34 Criminal Clearance 
  7. Official FBI Federal Criminal History Record 
  8. Current TB test results 
  9. Act 126 Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Certificate (within five years old)

Your name will not be included in a review of candidates unless these materials are a part of your records. DUE TO THE VOLUME OF MATERIALS RECEIVED BY THE HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE, PLEASE TRY TO SUBMIT ALL APPLICATION MATERIALS AT THE SAME TIME.  Applications are placed in the inactive file one year after the initial date of application unless you notify the Human Resources Office in writing that you are still interested in a position at that time. It is recommended that your application be periodically updated whenever appropriate.

The Application/Screening/Interviewing Process

The application/screening/interviewing process shall be conducted as follows: The application of an applicant for a professional position shall be scored by administrators in the following four (4) areas with a maximum of ten (10) points assigned in each area: academics, recommendations, non-academic background (i.e., experience working with children outside of school: co-curricular activities), and work experience (i.e., student teaching, substitute teaching, other work directly related to teaching). To be considered for an interview, a candidate must obtain a score of at least thirty (30) points out of a possible forty (40) on this screening instrument.

From the pool of applicants who qualify for an interview, a list of applicants shall be developed who might best meet the needs of the particular teaching assignment to be filled. A team of at least two (2) administrators shall conduct screening interviews of these applicants. If necessary, an additional round of screening interviews may be scheduled.

For a permanent teaching position, a final interview of the candidate by a panel, which includes building administrators, central office administrators, and, if available, a representative(s) of the Board of School Directors is required.

The principals, in cooperation with the central office administrators and Board representative (s), will make the final recommendation for employment to the entire Board of School Directors based on the appropriateness of the candidate for the teaching assignment. The Board of School Directors must approve all recommendations for employment.

Professional vacancy announcements are available through the web site, and at each school in the district. There will also be a copy of the vacancy announcement for review in the lobby of the Administration Building.