Butler Virtual Academy

The Butler Virtual Academy (BVA) is the Butler Area School District’s cyber school program.  BVA provides students with online learning opportunities across all grade levels. Students work with certified teachers who are highly qualified in the specialized content areas, but also have the ability to work independently at their own pace.

Courses in BVA are aligned with the programs of studies offered by the Butler Area School District. Benefits of BVA include scheduling flexibility, participating in district events/activities, and district issued technology. 


COVID-19 Updates for BVA Students

March 23, 2020:

For the week of March 23-27, the Butler Area School District will remain closed.  Students enrolled in the Butler Virtual Academy cyber program will not be required to log into homeroom the week of March 23 through March 27

However, starting this week, our district will move to remote learning activities to support student learning.  For students in BVA, this means flexible options for all of our students as we prepare to conclude quarter 3 and transition to quarter 4.  Students are recommended to select and participate in one of the following three options beginning on Tuesday, March 24 through Friday, March 27:

  1. Completion of past due course work for quarter 3: On Monday, March 23, Mrs. Osterdahl sent out updated ILP’s that reflected individual student progress through Module 27.  Students are encouraged to take advantage of this extension to complete and submit past due assignments for quarter 3.
  2. Completion of quarter 4 modules: If students have completed all of their coursework for quarter 3 they may begin quarter 4 assignments.  For full year classes, this means Modules 28-36; half year classes will be Modules 10-18.  Note: Students who still need to complete quarter 3 assignments should not select this option.
  3. Completion of Remote Learning Enrichment Activities:  Students can visit the Butler Area School District website [https://www.basdk12.org/Content2/1626] for a comprehensive list of enrichment activities.  If students are selecting this option, then they need to complete three activities per day and log those activities on the [attached] remote learning tracking form. Note: Students who still need to complete quarter 3 assignments should not select this option.

Finally, on the afternoon of March 23, Governor Wolf extended the school closure window through April 9, 2020 for all students.  Given this information, the Butler Area School District will evaluate a date for BVA students to transition to quarter 4.  This may begin as early as Monday, March 30, so students should take advantage of completing quarter 3 make-up assignments this week.  Students will have two days advance notice prior to transitioning to quartering 4.  All students and families are advised to continue checking  https://www.basdk12.org/Content/1462, or VLN, on a daily basis to see the latest updates about the school closure.   If students have any questions regarding this information they are encouraged to reach out to Mrs. Osterdahl or Mr. McGaughey.


2019-2020 Student Registration

Please make your BVA registration appointment using our online scheduling tool. The scheduling tool enables you to see what registration appointment times are available. Please note: Appointment dates and times are subject to change. If your appointment must be changed, you will be contacted. 




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2019-2020 BVA Student Registration

BVA registration appointments are now open for students to schedule their Quarter 2 classes for the 2019-2020 school year.  

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