Cyber Learning Program

Last Updated: 1/4/2021 7:37 PM

Our Cyber Learning Program is a full-time, completely free option for all Butler Area School District students in grades K-12. Students will have the opportunity to learn remotely without ever having to attend school in person.  The Cyber Learning Program will provide students with the same high quality, innovative instruction they are used to receiving in the traditional classroom with the added flexibility of home-based schooling. 

We also have a hybrid option available for students in grades 7-12. Students who elect to participate in the hybrid program will take some of their courses in person at school and other courses at home through the Cyber Learning Program. 

More information, including a course list for secondary, is available in our Cyber Learning Program Brochures. 


Changing Your Learning Pathway

We know everyone's situation is unique -- and may change throughout the year. Our Learning Pathways are designed to be flexible. If you would like to change the Learning Pathway in which your BASD student is currently enrolled, you must complete a transition request. 

Click to learn more and submit a transition request.

Family Information Session

If you were not able to make it to either of the Cyber Learning Program Family Information Sessions, you can view the presentation for elementary and secondary below. 


Cyber Learning Program -- Family Information Session -- Elementary (K-6)

Elementary (K-6) Presentation>




Cyber Learning Program -- Family Information Session -- Secondary (7-12)

Secondary (7-12) Presentation>



Cyber Learning Program Orientation

Parents and students who are enrolled in our Cyber Learning Program can view the orientation remotely. Please click the presentation below. 

Cyber Orientation K-4

Cyber Learning Program Orientation
Grades K-4


Cyber Learning Program 5-6

Cyber Learning Program Orientation
Grades 5-6


Secondary Cyber Orientation

Cyber Learning Program
Grades 7-12

Quick Overview

We know this is a lot of information. Here's a quick summary of our Learning Pathways. Click to read>


Technology Help

To help us manage technology support requests at the start of the school year, we have implemented a temporary Technology Help Line. Parents and students are welcome to directly email or call the Help Desk. Please leave a detailed message with your name and return phone number.


Cyber/Hybrid Learning Program Support

If you are enrolled in our Cyber Learning Program (Online/Cyber Learning Pathway and Hybrid Learning Pathway), click for support

Food Service for BASD Cyber Learning Program Students

Students who are enrolled in the BASD Cyber Learning Program are eligible to receive breakfast and lunch.

Click for more information and to register.

More Information

Learning Pathways

Learning Pathways Overview

Flexible Traditional School

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Course Selection Guide

Course Selection Guide

Cyber Learning seciondary

Cyber Learning Program -- Secondary

Cyber Learning Elementary

Cyber Learning Program -- Elementary