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Negative Balance Procedure

If a student does not have money for a lunch they are permitted to charge a school lunch to their account.  Every student will receive a school lunch if they need one.  Snacks and ala carte items may not be charged to a student’s account.  Also, students may not purchase any snacks or ala carte items if they have a negative balance on their account.

Please note that all charged meals are the responsibility of the child’s parent/guardian.  The following procedures are in place to inform the parent/guardians of negative balances on student’s accounts.

  1. A letter will be sent home at the end of every month to students who balance has reached a negative -$5.00.
  2. Once a negative balance of -$20.00 has been reached in the student’s account a letter of possible court proceedings may occur.
  3. If no corrective action has been attempted charges may be filed with the local magistrate.

You may check your child’s lunch account balance and purchases on  You must create an account if you are a first time user.  This is a free account when used to access your child’s lunch account.  If you would like to add money to your child’s account there is a small fee.