Support Teams/Student Assistant Teams

Children are referred to the Special Education Department through the building level Student Support Team and Child Study Team Meetings. All students referred to Special Education in the Butler Area School District typically begin with this process. The Student Support Team Meetings and Child Study Team Meetings are held regularly at each elementary school building throughout the school year. Children may be referred to the Team by the classroom teacher, the principal, speech therapist, parent(s), or school psychologist. Group administered achievement test scores, group ability scores, grades, health information, and information provided by members of the Student Support Team knowledgeable of the child’s needs are reviewed and discussed by Team Members. Student Support Teams and Child Study Team recommendations may include:

  1.  Adaptions in the classroom to meet the child’s individual needs.
  2. A conference with the child’s parents to discuss recommendations.
  3. A referral to community agencies, with parental permission, for support/assistance in working with the child.
  4. Monitoring of the child’s progress in a general education program.
  5. Referral to the school psychologist to initiate an individual multidisciplinary team evaluation.