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Community Committee for School Organization

The Community Committee for School Organization will be tasked with reviewing a few school organization models and taking an in-depth look at how each can impact our students, our daily operation and our budget. Finally, the committee will provide a recommendation to the Butler Area Board of School Directors.


Community Committee for School Organization Participants

We are excited to announce the members of Butler Area School District’s Community Committee for School Organization. 

Parent Representation
Brandi Garbinski, Center Township Elementary School 
Nina Babay, Connoquenessing Elementary School
Kaleena Lauer, Emily Brittain Community Partnership and Demonstration School
Susan Dankovich, McQuistion Elementary School 
Jessica Cancilla, Northwest Elementary School
Tara Huntsman, Summit Elementary School
Lisa Binus, Middle School
Sarah Kubiak, Middle School
Shannon Capriotti, Intermediate High School
Jeneane Sintz, Intermediate High School
Jenny Chapla, Senior High School
Dan Slomers, Senior High School
William Humes, Center Avenue Community School

Student Representation
Paris Brown, junior
Mark Collins, freshman
Olivia Collins, junior
Christian DePolo, sophomore
Sarah Fiorina. junior

Faculty and Staff Representation
Tanya Kriley, Elementary Faculty
Nicole Munko, Middle School Faculty
Scott Stoner, Intermediate High School Faculty
Jill Maier, Senior High School Faculty
Carrie Morgan-Davis, Elementary Principal
Josh Hundertmark, MIddle School Principal
Doug Ford, Secondary Principal
Brian Slamecka, Central Office Administrator
Susan Geibel, Staff Member
Joyce Rauschenberger, Staff Member

School Board Representation
Jennifer Cummings, School Board Director
Mary Waggoner, School Board Director

Community Representation
Robert Campbell, Connoquenessing Borough
Scott Covert, Chamber of Commerce Rep (Penn United Technologies)
Tom Knights, Township Manager, Butler Township
T.J. McCance, Chamber of Commerce Rep. (Hefren-Tollotson, Inc)
Patrick McCurdy, Community Rep. (Counterintelligence and Security Agency)
Brian Opitz, Community Rep. (BC3)
Leslie Osche, County Commissioner, Butler County
Joe Saeler, Community Development Corporation
Peggy Sherman, Community Rep. 
Ben Smith, Mayor, City of Butler 

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to serve on the Community Committee for School Organization. We sincerely appreciate your time. 


School Organization Recap

Butler Area School District is in the process of assessing our school configuration and determining the best way to organize our schools. With significant structural repairs needed at the Middle School (the old junior high building), it’s important that we plan for our future. Our goal is to organize our schools in a way that meets the needs of our students and families while also staying within an affordable budget. 

In order to ensure we are meeting the needs of our students and families, community feedback is essential. During the last school year, the district hosted numerous School Organization Community Forums to gather community feedback. Based on feedback from the School Organization Community Forums, four options were presented to the community in June 2019. Following the presentation, community members participated in a survey to further narrow it down. 

The feedback we have received from the School Organization Community Forums as well as the community survey has been very helpful in guiding this process and narrowing down our options. However, before a final decision can be made, we need to take an in-depth look at each possible scenario so that decisions are not made based on assumptions.