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2021-2022 Budget Overview

2021-2022 Budget Overview: Addressing Learning Loss and Accelerating Learning as We Plan for the Future

The pandemic has created many challenges, but it has also created opportunities for us to reflect and rethink about how we may best serve our students and community.  The federal government has allocated substantial funds to Butler Area School District to help assist with addressing student learning loss and offset financial losses caused by the pandemic.

This is a unique opportunity.  My intent in sharing this document is to communicate our overall plan to address academic learning loss and accelerate learning as well as our financial plan for both the short and long term.  

Just in case you do not desire to read all of the details, the budget that we are proposing for the 2021-2022 year school does not include an increase in taxes.

Budget Overview


View BASD's 2021-2022 Budget Overview.