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Negative Balance Procedure

Every student may receive a meal regardless of their ability to pay at the time of purchase.   All families are encouraged to fill out the Free and Reduced meal applications every year.  If a student does not qualify for free meals and does not have money for a breakfast, lunch, or a milk, they are permitted to charge the amount to their meal account.  Snacks and ala carte items may not be charged to a student’s meal account.  Also, if a student has a negative meal account balance, they will not be permitted to purchase any snacks or ala carte items until their balance has been paid in full. 

Please note that all charged meals are the responsibility of the student’s parent or guardian.  The following procedures are in place to inform the parent or guardian of negative balances on student meal accounts. 

  • A letter will be sent home and emailed at the end of every month to student’s parents and guardians on file for any balance that has reached a negative $-5.00.
  • Once a negative balance of $-20.00 has been reached in the student’s account, a letter and email of possible court proceedings may be sent.
  • If no corrective action has been attempted, charges may be filed with the local magistrate.
  • A letter and email of all negative balances will be sent out at the end of the school year.

You may check your student’s meal account balance and purchases on A link can be found on the Butler Area School District website It is located under the Food Service tab.  You must create an account for your student (free of charge) if you are a first-time user. Your student’s School ID number is required, which will be on any letter or email sent to you from the Food Service office.  You may also contact the Food Service office to ask for the number.

Please reach out to Helen Walker at the Food Service Office if you any questions concerning your student’s meal account charges or balance.  You may also inquire about payment options. 

Thank you for your cooperation!



Helen Walker