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Emotional Support Program

DEFINITION: A program for students with a disability who require services primarily in the areas of social or emotional skills development or functional behavior.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The Butler Area School District provides emotional support classes at Center Township Elementary School, Butler Middle School, the Intermediate High School, and the Senior High School. Itinerant emotional support services are also available at both the elementary and secondary level for students in the home school. Children must qualify for special education services to be eligible for placement in the Emotional Support Program. Transportation is provided to program locations by the District.

*** The Butler Area School District has created a new program at Center Avenue Community School for the 2015-2016 school year. This program is designed to work with students with IEPs that have needs that are beyond the scope of special education programs in their home schools. Specifically, these are students that require intensive emotional and behavioral supports as outlined in their Evaluation Report and Individualized Education Plan.