Free Yard Signs for Seniors

Yard Sign

Thank you to IDL Worldwide in East Butler for creating and distributing free yard signs to the Butler Class of 2020! All parents/guardians of seniors are invited to pick up a free yard sign on Saturday, April 18 between noon at 2 pm at the Senior High School. 

  • Traffic will be directed through the “banana” and into the bus circle between the gym and cafeteria.
  • Please place a sign in your window with your child’s first and last name clearly written on it so we can account for each senior.  A volunteer will be stationed at the gym checking these names.
  • Volunteers will be in the bus circle, armed with gloves and masks, ready to place a sign in your vehicle.
  • In order to keep traffic moving and to adhere to the social distancing guidelines set in place by the government, please DO NOT get out of your car.  Simply pull up and be ready to put a window down or open your hatch/trunk.  If this cannot safely be done from inside your vehicle, one of the volunteers will open a door and place the sign inside.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Joy Stutz (, Joyce Slomers ( or Meghan Lucas ( 

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