Butler Area School District

Home of the Golden Tornado

Board of School Directors

Position Name Term Expiriration Email Address
President Mrs. Nina Teff 12/2019 Nina_Teff@butler.k12.pa.us
Vice-President Mrs. Jennifer Cummings 12/2019 Jennifer_Cummings@butler.k12.pa.us
Director Mrs. Suzie Bradrick 12/2019 Suzie_Bradrick@butler.k12.pa.us
Director Mr. Leland Clark 12/2019 Leland_Clark@butler.k12.pa.us
Director Mr. John Conrad 12/2017 John_Conrad@butler.k12.pa.us
Director Mr. Neil Convery 12/2017 Neil_Convery@butler.k12.pa.us
Director Mr. Bill Halle 12/2019 billhalle.basd@gmail.com
Director Mr. David Korn 12/2017 David_Korn@butler.k12.pa.us
Director Mr. Alvin Vavro 12/2017 Alvin_Vavro@butler.k12.pa.us

Secretary of the Board - Ms. Deborah Brandstetter

Solicitor - Dillon, McCandless, King, Coulter & Graham