• Great Websites for Educators

    Teacher Tools

    Mobile Number Based Network to text updates to parents                         http://cel.ly

    15 minute online lessons hosted by colleges and universities                      www.coursera.org

    Pinterest for Educators – find lessons and ideas                                                                https://educlipper.net

    Resources and ideas for teachers                                                         http://learni.st/categories/10-education

    Teacher tech tips and resources                                                                                http://www.krisszajner.com/

    Geared for Elementary – Resources/Planning                                                    www.studyladder.com

    Document sharing and collection tool                                                                     www.blendspace.com  

    Document storage                                                                                                          www.drive.google.com

    Document storage                                                                                                          www.dropbox.com

    Document submission                                                                                                   www.dropitto.me


    Teacher Creations

    PDFs to book format as a flipbook                                                                           www.flipsnack.com

    Flashcard and quiz generator                                                                                      www.funnelbrain.com

    Online Discussions

    Interactive posts for discussion                                                                                 www.padlet.com


    Website Organization

    Icons for websites frequently used similar to Google Chrome                     http://www.symbaloo.com


    Social Network

    Twitter                                                                                                                                 www.twitter.com



    Preloaded Assessments and assignments by class/topic                                                www.yacapaca.com

    Create online assessments – test generator                                                        www.testmoz.com

    Create games, crossword puzzles, quizzes                                                           www.kubbu.com


    Image Edits

    Imaging enhancement and editing with effects                                                 www.thinglink.com

    Editing/Saving Screen shots                                                                                        www.techsmith.com

    Edit pictures; make collages, cards, calendars etc.                                             www.fotor.com

    Fun with Words

    Turns words, speeches, articles, slogans into visual image                             www.tagxedo.com



    Finding videos                                                                                                                   www.youtube.com

    Chopping videos                                                                                                              www.tubechop.com

    Cutting out ads in videos                                                                                              www.safeshare.tv


    Creating Videos

    Engage in project-based learning building videos                                              www.wevideo.com

    Insert questions into videos                                                                                       https://vialogues.com/

    Create animated videos                                                                                                www.goanimate.com

    Video Editor                                                                                                                       www.studio.stupeflix.com


    Comic Strips

    Create your own short graphic novel                                                                  http://www.comicmaster.org.uk/

    Create digital story telling through comics                                                             www.pixton.com

    Create your own comic strip                                                                                       www.makebeliefscomix.com 

    Make Animated Videos

    Create animated videos and presentations                                                          www.powtoon.com

    Create animated videos and presentations                                                          www.animoto.com


    Presentation Builder

    Create engaging presentations                                                                                  www.prezi.com


     Web Design

    Drag and drop web design                                                                                           www.wix.com

    Drag and drop web design                                                                                          https://themify.me/



    Create your own free blog                                                                                           www.blogger.com

    Create your own free blog                                                                                           www.edublogs.org



    Identifying locations                                                                                                       www.googlemaps.com

    Astronomy/Space Images                                                                                            www.google.com/sky

    Explore pictures from around the world                                                                                www.panoramio.com


    Timelines by topic                                                                                                           www.line.do

    Timelines by topic                                                                                                            www.myhistro.com

    Create your own timeline                                                                                            www.capzles.com

    Historical Images and information by date                                                            http://takemeback.to/


    Online Desktop Publishing

    Create letters, posters, flyers, business cards, presentations etc.                              www.canva.com

    Drag and drop editor program with templates for presentations                                www.lucidpress.com

    Create newsletters                                                                                                         www.smore.com


    Learning Management Systems

    Google Classroom LMS                                                                                                 https://classroom.google.com

    LMS for students and teachers                                                                                  www.schoology.com



    Art gallery displaying work                                                                                           www.googleartproject.com


    Inquiry Starters

    Informational posters on various topics to spark discussion                          www.dailyinfographic.com

    Create your own informational poster                                                                   www.easel.ly

    Drawing Tool

    Collaborative drawing tool where multiple people can contribute             www.flockdraw.com

    Graphic Organizer

    Webbing feature to map out ideas                                                                          www.popplet.com


    Math and Science

    Topics and over 3,000 Activities                                                                                 www.howtosmile.org



    Other good resources: