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                        BUTLER ATHLETICS
    Facility Usage for Home Athletic Events

    The following is a list of the locations and physical addresses for each of our Butler athletic venues.  Venues are subject to change so please maintain communication with the respective coach.

    Butler Senior High School, 120 Campus Lane, Butler, PA  16001
    • FALL:                  All Football, All Cross Country, Girls Varsity/JV Volleyball, Girls Varsity Tennis
    • WINTER:             Boys Varsity/JV Basketball, Girls Varsity/JV Basketball, All Rifle, All Swimming
    • SPRING:              Boys JV Baseball, Boys Varsity/JV Lacrosse, Girls Varsity/JV Lacrosse, Girls Varsity/JV Softball,Girls                              JH Softball, Boys Varsity Tennis, All Track, Boys Varsity/JV Volleyball
    Butler Intermediate High School, 551 Fairground Hill Road, Butler, PA  16001
    • FALL:                    Boys Varsity/JV Soccer, Girls Varsity/JV Soccer, Girls 7th&8th Volleyball
    • WINTER:              Boys Freshman Basketball, Boys Varsity/JV Wrestling, Boys JH Wrestling
    Butler Middle School (former Junior High School), 225 East North Street, Butler, PA  16001
    • WINTER:              Boys 7th&8th Grade Basketball, Girls 7th&8th Grade Basketball
    Butler Downtown Athletic Field, 240 East Cunningham Street, Butler, PA  16001 (across street)
    • FALL:                     Boys 7th&8th Soccer, Girls 7th&8th Soccer
    Highfield Baseball Fields, 235 Highfield Road, Butler, PA  16001
    • SPRING:               Boys Freshman (JH) Baseball
    Kelly Automotive Park (former Pullman Park), 199 Pillow Street, Butler, PA  16001
    • SPRING:               Boys Varsity Baseball
    Butler Country Club, 310 Country Club Road, Butler, PA  16002
    • FALL:                     Boys Varsity Golf
    Krendale Golf Course, 131 North Eberhart Road, Butler, PA  16001
    • FALL:                     Boys JV Golf
    Hiland Golf Course, 106 St. Wendelin Road, Butler, PA  16002
    • FALL:                     Girls Varsity Golf
    Family Bowl-A-Way, 540 Fairground Hill Road, Butler, PA  16001
    • WINTER:              All Bowling