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Flyer Distribution Process

Butler Area School District
AR 913.1
Distribution of Printed Material/Flyers

The purpose of this administrative regulation is to improve communication with parents by distributing information that, while not generated by the schools, may be beneficial to students in accordance with Butler Area School District Policy 913.

Who can submit flyers?

The district will adhere to specific guidelines for the posting of information for students and families. 

Only the following groups may request to have handouts/ flyers approved for website posting:

  1. School-related organizations.
  2. Nonprofit service organizations that provide a beneficial service to students. This does not include fundraisers for nonprofit organizations.
  3. Local municipalities for sport registrations, festivals, etc.
  4. Other organizations that, in the judgment of the Superintendent, provide information beneficial to students/ staff.

How are flyers shared? 

BASD shares flyers electronically. All flyers will be posted to our website until the event has passed or they are no longer relevant.

Flyers will be posted in one of four categories:

  • School District Information and Events – This category is reserved for groups that are affiliated with the school district. Ex: School clubs, organizations, booster groups, Foundation, ect. 
  • Community Information, Programs and Events – This category is for community organizations that wish to promote their programs and events. Ex: Community rec league sign ups, community events that are not hosted by the school district. 
  • Community and Family Resources – This category is for groups that offer resources for the community. Ex: Chip insurance, food bank, free clothing, etc. 
  • Summer – This category is added each year in the spring and stays up through the summer. This is for any/all summer related activities and events. Ex: Camps, jobs, summer school, etc. 


The district shares a link to the flyer page on social media throughout the year to remind the community that this resource exists. 

In addition, we will do our best to promote school district related flyers on the district’s social media accounts. Community resources may also be shared on social media. This will be done at the discretion of the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent and/or the Director of Communication. 

What is the process for submitting a flyer? 

To submit a flyer for consideration, please email it to Brian Slamecka ( and Kara Droney ( Once the flyer is approved it will be shared on the website, and on social media (if it meets the social media criteria).

Please allow at least one week for your flyer to be posted/shared. If you submit a flyer with less than one week’s notice, we do not guarantee that we will be able to share it.

What must be included (or not included) on my flyer?

The district will absolutely not post any flyers that reference alcohol, drugs, violence or anything else that is not consistent with our code of conduct. Please take that into consideration.

Flyers for programs/ events/ activities that are not school sponsored must include the following disclaimer: "The Butler Area School District does not sponsor or sanction this program/event/activity.” 

Ideally flyers will be sized 8.5 in x 11 in and submitted as both a PDF and JPG. We’ll do our best to work with other sizes if that’s all you have.

School organizations are also welcome to create versions of their flyer for social media. The flyer size works ok for Facebook and Twitter, but you may want to consider resizing for Instagram and Facebook/Instagram stories. This is not required. If you choose not to send social media graphics, we’ll do our best to work with what you send. Sizes are below for your reference. is a great free resource for creating flyers and social mediagraphics.

  • Instagram post (size: 1080 px X 1080 px)
  • Instagram/Facebook stories (size: 1080 px X 1920 px)
  • Facebook post (size: 940 px X 788 px)
  • Twitter post (size: 1600 px X 900 px)

Can I distribute a paper version of my flyer? 

We do not distribute paper flyers to all students during the school day. However, some of our schools have a flyer rack in the main office. You may inquire about this and, if available, make 10-50 copies for the flyer rack. Making copies and delivering the flyers is the responsibility of the organization.