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Connecting With Conifers

Connecting With Conifers

The first graders at Summit Elementary are busy learning about conifer trees! 

It all started with a question...are pinecones seeds? 

From that point, the students have been integrating tree knowledge about conifers over the past few weeks.  Students discovered how to "tap out" the seeds from pinecones, worked on tree identification to discover that the huge conifer tree near Summit is an Eastern White Pine, read many books and watched video clips from experts on the topic. Students also worked on science experiments to compare and contrast the width of a dry, warm pine cone versus a wet cold pine cone to show how pinecones can close their ‘scales’ tightly to protect their seeds, keeping out cold temperatures, winds, ice, and even animals that might eat the seeds.  

In addition, students worked on maker projects with pinecones. They even created their own fact book as a research project! Finally, students will have the chance to plant their own trees with the seeds they collected in January.

Mrs. Michelini, Mrs. Peles and Mrs. Shuster-Sneddon will continue to collaborate on this topic in the upcoming weeks to spark student interest!

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