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Remake Learning Days

Remake Learning Days

Broad Street Elementary School, Emily Brittain Elementary School, McQuistion Elementary School and the Intermediate High School all participated in Remake Learning Days -- the Nation’s biggest family-friendly festival of learning.


Intermediate High School

All Intermediate High School students participated in a maker activity today during their 4th period class on May 19th.  Students were able to choose from activities such as coloring to music using Kalmus theory, building a structurally sound newspaper tower, designing and building a ramp for a car race, performing skits using items from a bag of random materials, and more.

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Broad Street Elementary School & Intermediate High School

Fourth grade scholars at Broad Street joined 20 Intermediate High School students in an assortment of maker activities on May 19th. IHS students facilitated stations for Broad Street students to circulate through today. These activities included:

- Tumbling Tower -- Scholars built towers using paper roll tubes and cardboard to discover how to keep a structure from toppling.

- Let's Communicate -- Scholars built with Lego and had to get their partner to create the exact same build using only words as opposed to sight.

- Finch Robots -- Scholars learned how to code a Finch robot to make music, spin, light up, move in different directions, etc. and then watched the robot in action.

- Against the Wind -- Scholars created sails to speed up or slow down matchbox cars on a ramp.

- Cardboard Critters -- Scholars went on a scavenger hunt to important locations in the IHS while collecting pieces to assemble their choice of cardboard animal.

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Broad Street Elementary School

Scholars, parents and community partners created a community garden with sensory items. The garden will be use as a common space for learners, staff, parents and community.

The event was led by Broad Street scholars. They designed the outdoor space and determined the necessary items needed to complete the community garden. The day of the event, the scholars led parents staff and community in the planting and design of the community garden space. They even displayed their art designs and assembled/placed their sensory items and plants.

The community garden will be managed by parents, scholars, staff and community partners.This community garden will become a community space on campus that will be utilized the entire year.

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Emily Brittain Elementary School

Emily Brittain Elementary School celebrated Remake Learning Days at their Spring Family Night on May 12. .Emily Brittain families were able to visit the Pollinator Garden, enjoy literature, and work to solve a problem using the engineering and design process. In the maker lab, families worked together to create amazing bug catchers using products that are typically found at home.

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McQuistion Elementary School

McQuistion Elementary School hosted a school-wide maker night on May 19. Scholars were able to visit their classroom and participate in STEM activities. In addition, scholars had the opportunity to collaborate with teachers on robotics and coding activities.

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