Oustanding Educator Ceremony

Outstanding Educator Ceremony

PRESS RELEASE - Lorraine Chapter Order of DeMolay, Butler, PA

On Wednesday, November 7th, members of Lorraine Chapter Order of DeMolay, and their younger brothers, the members of William C. Graham Manor Order of Squires, plan to hold a dinner and special ceremony recognizing outstanding educators in the area. 

During the month of September, DeMolay and Squires recognize Education Day, an obligatory day for the organizations where the members take a moment to recognize the importance of education in their journey toward becoming leaders in our community. There are seven obligatory days observed throughout the year:  Patriots Day (February), Devotional Day (March), Parent's Day (between Mother's Day and Father's Day), Government Day (July), Education Day (September), Frank S. Land Day, the founder of the organization (November), Day of Comfort (between Thanksgiving and Christmas).  

Typically, the obligatory days are observed with a special speaker during one of the two monthly meetings. This year, the youth members elected to do something a little different.  The young men elected to each nominate an outstanding teacher, mentor or educator who went above and beyond or passed on knowledge that has made a difference in the lives of the young man.  

The nominees, and their building principals, were contacted and invited to a dinner with a special ceremony, written by Master Councilor David Crispen to follow.  The educators will receive a certificate and recognition pin, presented to them by the members.  

The nominees are:

  • Mrs. Brenda Hilliard, Emily Brittain Elementary School/Mr. Chad Broman, Principal
  • Mrs. Melinda Neigh, Butler Intermediate High School/Mr. Stephen Dobransky, Principal
  • Mr. Daniel Buzzard, Butler Senior High School/Dr. John Wyllie, Principal
  • Mrs. April Hines, Morraine Elementary School/Dr. Kristie Shulsky, Principal
  • Mrs. Barbara Putorti, Morraine Elementary School/Dr. Kristie Shulsky, Principal
  • Mr. Robert Peth, parent of Squire member
  • Mr. Jesse Allen, Emily Brittain Elementary School, retired/Mr. Dale Markle, Principal, retired

DeMolay and Squires are Masonic sponsored youth leadership organizations.  The Order of Squires is for boys aged 9-12, and DeMolay is for young men aged 12 - 21 years.  Both organizations are youth led, meaning the youth members run the meetings, choose, plan, organize and orchestrate the events held and attended.  The youth members learn by doing, mentored by their advisors. 

For more information visit http://www.PADeMolay.org or https://lorrainedemolay.wixsite.com/website.   Lorraine Chapter DeMolay meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month at the Butler Masonic Building located at 346 South Main Street in Butler.  William C Graham Manor Squires meet at the same location on the first Wednesday of each month. More information regarding membership can be requested via email at Lorraine.DeMolay@gmail.comor WCGSquires@gmail.com.

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