Growth Screening Program

Growth Screening Program

Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s):

The Pennsylvania school health regulations require that school nurses conduct height and weight measurements of students annually in an effort to determine a pattern of growth for each child. A Body Mass Index (BMI) for Age percentile was also calculated which is used as a guideline to help assess whether a person may be overweight or underweight.

Being either overweight or underweight can put a student at risk for certain health problems. A student who is overweight has an increased risk of developing serious conditions that include diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and certain cancers. A student who is underweight has an increased risk for heart problems, loss of bone mass, and anemia. Being underweight can also be a sign of an underlying eating disorder.

Many factors, including sports participation or family history, influence height and weight in children and adolescents.  BMI should be considered a screening tool and not a definitive measure of overweight and obesity as the indicator does have limitations. For example, some athletes and serious dancers may have a higher than expected BMI due to their increased muscle mass, which weighs more than fat mass.

Your child’s health care provider is the best person to evaluate whether or not your child’s weight is within a healthy range. Additional information for parents is available through the Pennsylvania Department of Health (see reverse side of letter for more information about BMI).

Your child’s Body Mass Index (BMI) percentile is posted on Tyler in the Health Tile under screenings: growth and development. The Health Tile is not available on the phone app for Tyler, if you would like a hardcopy of your child’s BMI please contact your school nurse.

Instructions on how to access your child’s BMI through Tyler:

  1. Log into your Tyler account
  2. Select the Health Tile
  3. Select the Screening tab
  4. Choose Growth and Development

If you have any questions, please call the nurse at your child's school. Click for school nurse names and contact information>


Butler Area School District
Health Services Team

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