Boats that Float

Boats that Float

Students in the Intermediate High School Life Skills and Autistic Support classrooms recently had the opportunity to participate in The Boats that Float Project where they created a boat that they could actually float in across the pool.

The main goal of the Boats that Float Project is to enjoy the process of working together to accomplish something big! More specific goals include, understanding scientific principles of buoyancy, measuring, safely and effectively using sharp tools, employing team work, developing appropriate social skills, increasing fine and gross motor skills, and building self-esteem and confidence.

"This project is highly adaptable to any student’s needs. They can choose a simple or complex design based on their ability and imagination." said Mrs. DeVanney. "They complete the cardboard boats in 40-minute increments in my art class over the time span of about two weeks."

This is the third year in a row that Mrs. DeVanney has done this project with students. 

"The boat project was a success because we have such a wonderful staff. Teachers and paraprofessionals donated cardboard and duct tape as well as helped guide the students while constructing their creations," said Mrs. DeVanney. "This year’s boat day was truly unique because we received a donation of colored duct tape from Ace Hardware. Not only were the colors a wonderful addition, but the quality of the tape made a huge difference. This year most of the boats floated much longer than ever before!"

Some of the boats lasted in the pool for an entire hour! With great products and teamwork, anything is possible. The students had a wonderful time building and floating their creations. 

We'd like to give a very special thank you to Ace Hardware of Butler!  Their donations helped make this project a great success! 

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