Congratulations to our STORM Winners!

feb 20

As part of the School Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports initiative at the Senior High, students are being recognized and rewarded for their great STORM behavior. (STORM = Safe, Tuff, Ownership, Respect, Motivation.)

Keep up the great work, Senior High Students! 


February 20

Congratulations to Olivia Wetzel for choosing a healthy, positive lifestyle and choosing to be drug free!  Stand Tall would like to recognize Olivia with a $25.00 gift card from Target.

February 14

Congratulations to STORM winner Andrew Arbanas!  Andrew won a $10.00 gift card to Panera.

February 4

Congratulations to Senior High student Kendall McLister for choosing a positive, healthy lifestyle and being drug free. Thank you to Stand Tall for donating a $25.00 gift card to Target!

January 27

Congratulations to Rebecca Henry for showing her STORM pride!  Rebecca won a $10.00 gift card for Starbucks!

January 21

Congratulations to Evan McDonald for choosing a healthy lifestyle!  Evan won a $25.00 gift card from Stand Tall for being drug free!


Congratulations to our STORM winners Dylan Ammon and Mrs. Santilo!

November 25

Congratulations to our STORM winner Josh Burlingham.  Josh won a $10 dollar gift card.  Congratulations to winners Leah Mills, Mikael Shield, Emmaline Henne, Logan Savannah, Tori Fields, Liam McClaine, Ryder Kriley, Noah Gladde, and Nathea Cloud.  They each received a snack from our snack cart.  Great job students for showing us your STORM behavior!  

November 5

Congratulations to Anna Bodamer -- our first nine week STORM winner!  Anna won Apple AirPods for being Safe, Tuff, and Respectful.  Brody Kunkle, Cassidy Penrod, Quinton Smith, Hunter Neff, Zachary Lawrence, Katlyn Wolf, Maci Lineman, Andrew Arbanas, and Amanda Grooms won a Principal's Pack that included two free Subway 6 inch subs and two free cookies. 

Thank you to Subway for donating these items.  Way to stay Safe, Tuff, taking Ownership, Respectful, and Motivated!

October 29

Congratulations to Deven Grates our PBIS $10 gift card winner!  Our snack cart winners are Carly Kriebel, Dustin Scott, Cade Wheeler, Ian Moore, Michael Allison, Sam Betro, Claire Lutz, Kendell Atkinson, Anna Bodamer.  Congratulations and keep up the great STORM behavior!

October 11

Congratulations to Senior High School student Anthony Russo for winning a $10 Amazon gift card for being respectful in the office.  Our snack cart winners are Jamie Tarr, Alexis Delprete, Katlyn Wolf, Emma Gaudino, Madison Noullet, Quinton Smith, Caleb Hartung, Madison Mapp, and Abbie Griffith.  Keep up the great STORM behavior!

September 30

Congratulations to our STORM winner Chelsey Kabel.  Chelsey won a $10 dollar gift card.  Congratulations to our other winners Mikaela Kirkwood, Ashlyn Fair, Steven Fair, Reagan Donahue, Tyler Fazio, Ashley Hartle, Nate Cornibe, Nikki Kudamik, and Jordan Thomas.  They each received a snack from our snack cart.  Great job students! Thanks for showing us your STORM behavior!

September 13

Congratulations to Hunter Shoaf as the first PBIS STORM ticket winner at the Senior High School. Hunter won a $10.00 Amazon gift card. Other winners were Kaylee Johnson, Kendyl Hilliard, Noah Diamond, Kalee Boltz, Jazmine Pizor, Ruby Waggoner, Logan Smith, Lucas White, and Jacob Kelly. Great job students!

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