An Open Letter to the Staff, Students, Parents and Community of the Butler Area School District

An Open Letter to the Staff, Students, Parents and Community of the Butler Area School District:

The on-going Covid-19 virus has tested everyone’s mettle and resiliency. The rapid-fire directives and decisions emanating from governmental agencies has produced an unbelievable amount of challenges for the staff, students and parents of the Butler District. We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the sincere respect and deep appreciation we have for our dedicated and unselfish staff in meeting these difficult challenges.

Under the experienced leadership of Dr. White, Superintendent, and his administrative team, innovative solutions were developed to meet the challenges of this seemingly insurmountable situation. In addition to our administrative team, all of our professional and non-professional staff have contributed countless hours of time, most of it voluntary, to implement the solutions to this crisis. Staff members have unselfishly worked in any area necessary to meet the needs of our students.

A nutritional program was developed that currently supplies over a thousand meals to our students on a daily basis. Our school police are being utilized to deliver these meals to students who cannot get to distribution centers. This creative project has been a critical asset in meeting the nutritional needs of the students in the community we serve.

Meeting the educational needs of over 6,000 students is a daunting task for any educational team when school is in-session. Attempting to do the same when students are in a diversity of individual environments only increases the challenge significantly. Our professional staff has utilized outside-the-box problem solving and brain-stormed activities from every available resource to develop appropriate educational activities for all of our students.

In addition, there are other supportive endeavors that the Butler District staff are completing to benefit our students and families as both part of the District’s initiatives and personally on their own. We would be remiss if we didn’t recognize the efforts of our students, parents and the community at large in providing additional help and support to the District’s endeavors.

In conclusion, we can only reiterate the sincere respect and deep appreciation that we all share for everyone that has contributed to this unbelievable effort. It has brought together so many people in the community to help the students in our district. It is our sincere hope and wish that students will return to the classrooms as soon as this crisis is no longer a threat to the health and well-being of the community.


Butler District Board Of Directors:
Al Vavro, President
Mary Waggoner, Vice President
John Conrad
Jennifer Cummings
Bill Halle
Thomas Harrison
Alice Nunes
Gary Shingleton
Jennifer Daniels-Wells

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