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Learning Pathways -- Important Update (Aug. 12, 2020)

August 12, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians: 

As we continue to prepare for the first day of school, we want to ensure that families have as much information as possible. You can view our Back to School plans here:

However, within our back to school plans, there are important details about our Learning Pathways. We want to make sure we highlight that information so families are prepared to choose a Learning Pathway that best meets the individual needs of their family.   

If you intend to enroll your child in the Online/Cyber School Model, Secondary Hybrid School Model or Secondary Flexible Traditional School Model, please submit your child’s registration by the end of the night on August 19th in order for their assignment to be effective on the first day of school.  After August 19, we will be taking a Temporary Registration Pause, which is described below, to ensure we can accurately plan for the students first day of school.

Traditional School Model

We are planning to open our schools full time (5 days a week) for in person instruction. All BASD students are automatically enrolled in this Learning Pathway UNLESS they register for one of the other options.

At the elementary level (K-6), our students will be assigned a learning space where they can be socially distanced (6 feet) from their peers throughout the day. Students will spend very little time outside of their classroom (this time includes arriving at school, departing school, restroom breaks, hand washing breaks, and scheduled recess/outside breaks).

At the secondary level (7-12), we will socially distance students as often as possible. However, students will change classes at the same time. It is also possible that a classroom may not have a full 6 feet of socially distanced space between students. Students will be spread out at lunch time so that they can have 6 feet of social distanced space when they must remove their face covering, mask or shield to eat lunch.

Online/Cyber School Model (BASD Cyber Learning Program)

We know that not everyone is comfortable returning to school for a variety of reasons. Therefore, all students in grades K-12 may enroll in our Cyber Learning Program, full time. All learning will be completed remotely at home. Students will not need to physically report to school for any reason.

Secondary Hybrid School Model (BASD Cyber Learning Program)

At the secondary level (grades 7-12), we are able to offer the Hybrid School Model. In this scenario, students may take some of their classes remotely at home through our Cyber Learning Program, and some of their classes in person at school. 

Secondary Flexible Traditional School Model

We recently added a fourth Learning Pathway for secondary students. In this Learning Pathway, students will be able to come to school two days a week, and learn remotely from home three days a week. Students who enroll in this Learning Pathway will attend school in person on Monday and Thursday, OR Tuesday and Friday. The days you will attend school in person will be assigned based on the student’s schedule. The at-home, remote work may include teacher assigned work, digital assignments and digital instructional resources.  

At the request of a few parents, we are still exploring the possibility of being able to offer the Flexible Traditional School Model at the elementary level. At this time, it will not be logistically possible to offer the Flexible Traditional School Model for students in K-6. However, we are committed to meeting the needs of our families and are open to altering our options as needed. We will continue to explore this option -- as well as other options -- and let parents know if we are able to offer something similar to this at the elementary level in the future. 


Learning Pathway Registration

To register your student for the Online/Cyber School Model, Hybrid School Model (secondary), and Flexible Traditional School Model (secondary), please use the appropriate link below. As a reminder, students do not need to register for the Traditional School Model.


Registration for Grades K-6   

Registration for Grades 7-9

Registration for Grades 10-12 


Changing Your Learning Pathway

We know everyone's situation is unique -- and may change throughout the year. Our Learning Pathways are designed to be flexible. If you would like to change the Learning Pathway in which your BASD student is currently enrolled, please complete the form below. If you are enrolling in the Online/Cyber School Model, Hybrid Model or Flexible Traditional Model for the first time, please use the registration links above.

Change your Learning Pathway


Please note: Once you submit your change request, a district staff member will contact you within 1-2 business days to determine the best time for your child to switch Learning Pathways. Your child should continue to attend school in whatever Learning Pathway they were enrolled until the approved transfer date is set. Thank you! 


Important Dates -- Temporary Registration Pause

Although the Learning Pathways are flexible, parents/guardians should register their students for the Online/Cyber School Model, Hybrid School Model or Flexible Traditional School Model by the end of the night on August 19. At that point, we will temporarily pause registration and change requests until September 4 for elementary (grades K-6) and September 11 for secondary (grades 7-12). 

  • Temporary Elementary Registration Pause: August 20 - September 4
  • Temporary Secondary Registration Pause: August 20 - September 11

After September 4 (grades K-6)/ September 11 (grades 7-12), parents/guardians will be able to once again alter their child's Learning Pathway as needed throughout the remainder of the school year.


Thank you for your continued patience and flexibility. 




Brian J. White, Jr., Ed.D.

Butler Area School District


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