Digital and Remote Student Learning Guidelines

remote learning guidelines

Digital and Remote Learning Student Guidelines 

As students transition into the start of the second semester of the 2020-2021 school year, we want to remind students, parents, guardians and learning coaches of the expectations associated with digital distance learning, including cyber education, live-streamed (synchronous) courses, and recorded (asynchronous) instruction. The streaming of courses includes delivery of instruction from one classroom to another classroom within the district, and/ or streaming instruction from the classroom to BASD students who are learning remotely. In order for students to participate in digital distance learning, please review the following guidelines.

Student Digital Course Etiquette

Please be sure to mute your microphone every time you are not speaking. This is especially important when others, including the instructor, are speaking as it helps reduce the feedback on the meeting. Some instructors prefer students to leave their cameras on while others may ask that you turn your camera off to assist with processing speed. Please be mindful of your instructor’s requests and turn your microphone and camera on or off accordingly. 

Be mindful of others and treat everyone with respect, both through dialogue and chat.

Be positive!

Always re-read any message before hitting send. It also can be helpful to read messages aloud before sending.

Be aware of context.  Text communicated in all caps should not be used, due to the strong nature that is implied. Humor or sarcasm is also difficult to reflect through text and should not be used.

Grammar and spelling always matter, especially when submitting assignments.  Do not use abbreviations that are commonly used in text messages.

Do not post or share inappropriate material.


Streaming Class Content Student Guidelines

As a reminder, please be aware of the following student guidelines for instructional content being streamed by Butler Area School District staff:

The unauthorized recording of lessons/ sessions is prohibited. 

The Butler Area School District maintains ownership of instructional materials – including those resources created specifically for the purposes of instruction, such as syllabi, lectures and lecture notes, and presentations. Students/ individuals cannot copy, reproduce, display, or distribute these materials unless authorized. Students who engage in unauthorized recording, unauthorized use of a recording, or unauthorized distribution of instructional materials will be referred to the appropriate discipline measures.

Only students enrolled within a class/ course are permitted to view/ participate in the streamed lesson. Students are not permitted to share course specific login information.

Streamed courses will be provided to students through the use of the Google platform or a similar district-approved platform. Streamed instruction will only be shared with students who are enrolled within the class/ course. 

Students understand that instructors may choose to turn off the streamed session at certain points of the class in order to protect student privacy and eliminate the possibility that streaming might limit discussion, particularly if sensitive or identifying content is included in the discussion.

When synchronous lessons are offered or a part of the class/ course, students will be required to be digitally present for the lesson.

Technology Support

If a concern exists regarding technology support or application, please be sure to notify the instructor as soon as possible. Parents, guardians and learning coaches are also encouraged to utilize the district technology helpline for assistance. The technology help line can assist with login/ access questions, device concerns, connectivity needs, and any other needs associated with the utilization of district instructional technology.

Technology Helpline contact:
Phone Number: 724-214-3199

Please note: Your call may go to voicemail. In that case, please leave a message including the important information listed below and somebody will call you back as soon as possible.

Important information to include: 

  • Parent/Guardian Name 
  • Student Name 
  • School 
  • Grade 
  • Course (if applicable)
  • Teacher/instructor (if applicable)
  • Phone Number 
  • Primary Issue/reason for contacting the Helpline
  • Any additional information 

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