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Checking Your Child's Attendance

Checking Your Child's Attendance

Parents can check their child's attendance record in Tyler at any time. It's a good idea to check in from time to time to confirm your child's attendance is documented accurately. It is possible that a note you thought you sent may have been lost in transit… or is at the bottom of your child’s backpack.

Click for a "how to check attendance" guide.

If your child has an unexcused absence (marked “UA” in Tyler), please look at the date to determine whether or not this is accurate. While we hope to have all children in school every day, there are instances where an absence is permitted, such as illness, recovery from an accident, death of a family member or unavoidable family emergency. If you believe your child’s absence should be excused, please send a note to the main office or attendance office of your child’s school immediately. 

Absent Codes
UA = Unexcused
EA = Excused
ME = Medically Excused
EV = Vacation
EP = Excused by Principal

Tardy Codes
UT = Unexcused Tardy
UH = Unexcused Half Day  (arriving after 10:48 am)
ET = Excused Tardy
MT = Excused Tardy with Medical Excuse
BT = Excused Tardy because of a late bus

Early Dismissal Codes
UD = Unexcused Early Dismissal
ED = Excused Early Dismissal
MD = Excused Early Dismissal due to a Doctor Appointment
DR = Returned from an Early Dismissal

Other Codes
P = Present
FT = Field Trip or Athletic Event
IS = In-School Suspension
OS = Out of School Suspension
EX = Exempt (Church, Funerals, Court)