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Submitting an Excuse

Submitting an Excuse

Once your child enters kindergarten, school attendance is required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. If your child must miss school, a written excuse that includes the following information is required. 

  • The child’s full name

  • The child’s grade

  • The date the note is being written

  • The date of the tardy or absence

  • The reason for the tardy or absence

  • The parent/guardian’s full name

  • The parent/guardian’s signature

  • The parent/guardian’s phone number

Click here to access all excuse forms. This includes the absence form (tardy and early dismissal), vacation form (Waiver of Compulsory Attendance), college visit form and job shadow guidelines.

Notes may be submitted in one of the following ways: 

  • Your child may deliver it to the office prior to their return to school. Or, in the case of an early dismissal, prior to leaving school early. 

  • You may scan a copy or take a photo of the note and email it to your child's school office. The contact information is below. 

  • You may fax it to your child’s school office. The contact information is below.

  • We must have written notification. Please do not call to report an absence.

*VoTech students must bring two absent excuses, one for Butler and one for VoTech.



As parents and legal guardians, you are encouraged to schedule vacations at times other than on the days that our schools are in session. Cooperatively, we have an important role in stressing the value of education to our children.  If, however, an application for a Waiver of Compulsory Attendance (Vacation Form) must be submitted, parents/guardians and students should plan carefully. Please plan ahead so that absences do not occur during important educational periods.  The absence should not exceed 5 school days in length. It is imperative the application be submitted to a building principal two weeks in advance of the date for which approval is requested per Board Policy 204. Thank you for your cooperation! 


Attendance Office Contact Information

If you need to submit a note for an excused absence, please email it or fax it to the appropriate school. 

School Email Fax
Senior High School 724-287-5399
Intermediate High School 724-287-5457
Broad Street Elementary School 724-282-2673
Center Township Elementary School 724-282-3503
Connoquenessing Elementary School 724-789-7478
Emily Brittain Community Partnership
and Demonstration School 724-282-1013
McQuistion Elementary School 724-287-1119
Northwest Elementary School 724-287-2516
Summit Elementary School 724-287-2734
Center Avenue Community School 724-287-0263