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BMS Fisheries Program Nursery

Over the last few years, science teachers Mr. McCool and Mr. Takacs, with support from Mr. Andrews, the district’s instructional coach for student engagement, have created a fishy situation for 5th and 6th grade students.

The Fisheries Science Program will continue at BASD, but now even more elementary students will have the opportunity to participate!

Trout in the Classroom tanks will be located at McQuistion Elementary and Center Township Elementary. In addition, new tanks are coming soon for Summit Elementary. There are also trout tanks at the Senior High School.

In addition, the aquaponic mini farm, which is used to grow edible plants using electric, full-spectrum grow lights and water from the catfish tank, will be located at McQuistion. Catfish waste in the water provides vital nutrients to the growing plants. Each year the catfish raised will be released into local state monitored waterways that can benefit from
catfish population expansion.

Although not every school will have its own tank this year, all elementary schools will have the opportunity to get involved in the program throughout the year. Our science department has great plans to expand this unique learning experience! We can’t wait to see what’s coming next.