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Elementary Supply List

The Butler Area School District school supply list for grades K-5 can be found below. If you would like to print a PDF to take shopping with you, click here.

Please note we do not have supply lists for grades 6-12. Teachers will let students know if there is something specific they need for class.



Crayons 24 pack (1)

Glue sticks (2+)

Sharpened pencils (5+)

Safety scissors (1 pair)

Pencil box (1)

Dry erase markers, not red (3-4)

Wired headphones stored in a ziploc bag (1 pair)

  • Art shirt, labeled with name

  • Spare change of clothes, labeled with name

  • Backpack big enough for the folders to fit in (not preschool sized)

  • Spill proof water bottle



Grade 1


Crayons -- 24 pack (1)

Sharpened pencils (5+)

Glue Sticks (2+)

Plastic pencil box

Scissors (1 pair)

Dry erase markers, fine point (2+)

Wired headphones stored in a Ziploc bag

Erasers (2+)

Refillable water bottle, closed lid

Plastic folder (no prongs)



Grade 2


Pencils (10+)

24 pack of crayons (1)

Scissors, rounded tip (1 pair)

Highlighter (1)

Glue sticks (1 large or 2 small)

Wired headphones (1)

Pink or white pencil eraser (not pencil top erasers) (1)

Dry erase markers, black (4)




Grade 3


Sharpened pencils (5+)

24 count crayons (1)

Highlighters (1+)

Dry erase markers (2)

Glue sticks (2+)

Wired headphones (1)

Pencil box and/or 3 ring zipper pouch

Scissors (1 pair)

Heavy duty 3-ring punched plastic folders, no prongs (3)

Single subject notebooks (1)

Refillable water bottle, closed lid




Grade 4


Pencil pouch/pencil box (1)

Highlighters (2+)

Sharpened pencils (5+)

3-Ring Binder

  • Broad Street - 2" binder
  •  Connoquenessing - 2" binder
  • Center Township - 2" binder
  • McQuistion - 2" binder
  • Emily Brittain -3" binder
  • Northwest - 1" binder
  • Summit - no binder

Dry erase markers (2+)

Scissors (1 pair)

Crayons (24 pack) or
thin markers (10 pack) or
colored pencils 

Heavy duty 3-ring punched plastic folders, no prongs (3)

Wired headphones (1 pair) 

Spiral-bound notebooks (2)



Grade 5


Thin markers

Dry erase markers

Sharpened pencils

Spiral bound notebook

Pencil pouch


Wired Headphones 

Pocket folder for take home papers



  • Labeling things with your child’s name is extremely helpful.

  • A refillable water bottle with a closed lid is suggested for every student.