Tri-Bowl Competition


In early March, 32 students in grades 3- 12 attended Tri-Bowl, a state level academic competition. Students were invited to participate because they had earned undefeated scores or were members of first place teams in at least one local academic game competition. 

This year, students participated in On-sets, Propaganda, Linguishtik, Presidents, and Equations at local competitions throughout the year.  The following students earned undefeated scores at the Tri-Bowl competition:

  • Undefeated in Linguishtik: Evan Taylor, Andrew Benjamin, Andrew Slaugenhoup, Brycen Seth, Allison Schnur, and Jacob Pomykata
  • Undefeated in Propaganda: Kaylee Krchnak, Bradley White, and Hunter Swidzinski
  • Undefeated in Presidents: David Krainbucher and Jacob Pomykata 
  • Undefeated in Equations: Alec Teff
  • Members of the first place team in Linguishtik. Alec Teff, Zach Slear, Evie Paserba, Hunter Swidzinski, and Lauren McKean 


Students who earned undefeated scores or participated on a first place team in at least two different academic games qualified to participate in the National Academic Games competition, which was supposed to take place in Atlanta, Georgia in April.  Although the competition will not take place this spring, we still want to congratulate all of the students who qualified. Congratulations to Jackson Dryden, Ethan Binusm Josh Noronha, Emily Cornish, Evan Taylor, Andrew Slaugenhoup, Andrew Benjamin, Max Channells, Evelyn Paserba, Brycen Seth, Zach Slear, Hunter Swidzinski, Alec Teff, Deagan Moore, Allie Schnur, Jacob Pomykata, and Miles Schaeffer.


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