Butler Middle School Parent(s) and Guardian(s):

Parents and students will be receiving an email from homeroom teachers detailing the instructions for students taking the STAR 360 assessments next week.  This email will contain all the information students need to access the assessments.  ELA will be assessed on Tuesday, May 26 and Math on Wednesday, May 27.  This information will be assigned in student google classrooms for next week as well.  

Please be sure all student assignments are completed and submitted by May 29th

Yearbooks:  The company used to create yearbooks reached out to us last week to let us know that there was a delay in production and that a delivery date would be shared in the near future.  Once this is shared we will be sure to provide you the information and specifics of when and where to pick up your yearbook.  

The following items detail specific information for the return of student technology, social studies books, and library books.  Students will also be able to get personal belongings from lockers.  Any library books in classrooms or lockers will be returned to the library by teachers.  

  • All individuals entering the building must be wearing a mask per CDC guidelines. 
  • Time in the building is reduced to the drop off and pick up of materials, students and guardians must limit their time in the building.
  • 5th Grade students enter through courtyard entrance A and exit through courtyard exit B.  If you have medication in the health office please see the school nurse at this entrance when you come to pick up your belongings on June 1,2,3,or 4.
  • 6th Grade students enter through North Street entrance C (Cinderella stairs) and exit through Franklin Street exit D. If you have medication in the health office please see the school nurse at this entrance when you come to pick up your belongings June 1,2,3,or 4th.
  • Designated 5th and 6th grade tables for textbooks, library books, and technology will be available on the first floor outside the library.
  • Student materials and belongings have been placed in student lockers.  Other areas of the building will not be open.  
  • Based on the number of individuals that arrive throughout the day, we will adhere to CDC guidelines and may need to limit the number of people in certain areas.  

Assigned Days and Times for Student Teams

Date Time Teams
June 1


Teams 1,3,9,12 (275)
June 2 8:00-3:00 Teams 2,4,10,14 (275)
June 3 8:00-3:00 Teams 5,7,11,13 (275)
June 4 8:00-3:00

Teams 6 and 8 
Student Homerooms 110, 210, 214 and 215 (175)

Thank you,

Josh Hundertmark
Jason Huffman
BMS Principals

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