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BIHS Battle of the Books

Thirty 8th and 9th grade students participated in the BIHS Library's Battle of the Books on May 4.

Working as a team, students answered questions about ten books that they read throughout the school year. It all came down to the last round and the last match, but our winners for 2017-2018 are Daylen Maurodis, Benjamin Boruendey, Taylor Schwalm, Zoe Niebauer, Lucas Ray, Victor Eberle, Jacob Pomykata, Maura Cornibe, and Lane Cornibe. They are the only 8th grade team and were sponsored by Mr. Darren Casher. Each member of the team received a $20 gift certificate to our Spring Book Fair that will take place May 14-18th.

"All of the students were amazing and respectful during the competition," said Mrs. MaryAnne Eckert. "Many are hoping to compete in a regional book competition that Seneca Valley has created in the upcoming school year."

Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books