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5th Grade Wax Museum

wax museum

Butler Middle School fifth graders recently created their own Wax Museum.

After learning research strategies during library with Ms. Kubiak and Mrs. Serafine, every fifth grade student got to work researching an important person from the American Revolution. Students were also learning about the American Revolution in their social studies class and through their reading program, which enabled them to make many connections and form a deeper understanding of this important period in our history.

During ELA, students focused first on note-taking strategies and outlining. After that, students wrote a speech and an informative essay. Students then created a poster of their person so that they could present a living museum for Grandparent’s Day.

"This project made the students incredibly excited for the upcoming field trip to the Fort Pitt Museum," said Mrs. Munko. "This cross-curricular project was a great way help students grow in their learning."

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