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January 24, 2017 Update


  • Representatives of Nutrition, Inc. met today with an official from the Department of Agriculture regarding food safety at Summit Township Elementary School.

Procedures were outlined for the use of municipal water to be used for cleaning and sanitizing the equipment, such as lunch tables, countertops and handles.  The staff will use bottled water for washing hands in the kitchen using a container with a continuous flow faucet and the temperature at 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  The second inspection will be conducted on Thursday when school is in operation.


  • Arrangements have been made for the delivery of portable sinks on Wednesday morning.  They will be placed throughout the building for students and staff hand washing needs.


  • Dr. William Pettigrew, retired Superintendent of the Mars Area School District, has been named as the Chairman of the Team to implement a corrective action plan for Summit Township Elementary School.