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Title I Parent Involvement

  1. Parents will be informed about the school’s participation in the Title I program, the criteria used to identify those students who are eligible to participate, and their right to be involved.
  2. Parents will be notified in a timely manner of their child’s eligibility for Title I services.  Parents may also request Title I services for their child if it is believed that he/she would benefit from the extra help in reading. Additionally, parents who feel that their child is not benefiting from placement in the Title I program may request, in writing, to have their child withdrawn from a Title I class.
  3. Parents of students in Title I classes will be kept informed of their child’s progress through report cards and/or parent conferences.
  4. Title I meetings and activities will be planned to promote parent participation.
  5. Parents will be invited to attend meetings annually held by Title I personnel. The meeting will provide opportunities for parental involvement in the planning, review, and improvement of the Title I program. Information concerning local assessment results and how to monitor a child’s progress and how to work with teachers to improve student achievement will also be discussed.
  6. Parents will be given an opportunity to review and help revise an ongoing Parent/School Compact (Learning Promise) and Parent Involvement Policy which outlines how parents, school staff, and students share the responsibility to improve student achievement.
  7. In keeping with board policy concerning curriculum review by parents/guardians and students, parents of participating students have, upon request, the right to request the district to make available existing information about curriculum, including standards to be achieved, instructional materials, and assessment techniques.

Click to read Butler Area School District's official "Title I Parent Involvement" policy